Scott Hill 

Systems Consulting

Practical Custom Software

Most experience in: Unix (Solaris/HP/Aix/BSD/Sco,Linux(RHEL/SLES/Ubuntu),
DNS/Nginx/PHP/Perl/Bash/C#/vb,AvayaPBX, Broadhop, Cisco ISG/CatOS/IOS,Squid,IPF/iptables/tc traffic shaping,ethereal/wireshark, Snort/IPS/prelude IDS/IPS, network monitoring/troublsshooting, RDBMS dev Sybase/mssql,mysql,postgresql.) And much more. 17 Years experience in the field.
Reasonable rates(~50$/hr depending on contract)

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What don't we do? Waste time, it's the most valuable asset we both have so lets both respect that.










Static websites converted to CMS with drupal/typo3/joomla to your liking for flat rates( under 500$ for most sites) Read more



Have a business that needs to get online? Automate processes? Need to strike a deal for little or no money upfront? We can arrance a per transaction fee and both be invested in the result.

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We make any system work seamlessly with all others, software and hardware modified to your specifications, especially if others have given up, try us on your project.

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Systems Integrations

Invite us to work with & inspire, your team

Hosting, Backup CMS/Commerce

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